Traka32 Permit Expiry Updates

Some customers using Traka32 may begin to experience a notification for each user that their credential is going to expire soon. This notification is due to the default Expiry Dates for users in previous version of Traka32 was set to 1 June 2020

The Traka32 software does not have a simple way of updating all of (or a select number) of users Permit Expiry Date. There are then two options for customers that are required to make this update to their users in Traka32:

  1. Update each user individually 
  2. Perform a bulk update script on the Traka32 database
For the second option above, there are 2 knowledge base articles available with instructions on how to perform this. If your organisation is using a SQL Server database please refer to: 

Alternatively, if your organisation is using a Microsoft Access database, please refer to:

Please ensure that in either case, the database is securely backed up prior to running through the relevant steps.

It is suggested that you contact your IT team for assistance as required.

If there are any questions please contact Traka Oceania Support: